About Neilson Strategies

Neilson Strategies was incorporated in 2002 as Neilson-Welch Consulting Inc. The firm works exclusively with municipalities, regional districts and public bodies involved in the provision of local services.


Creative Problem Solving

Neilson Strategies is a local government consultancy based in British Columbia, Canada. The firm works closely with senior managers, municipal councils and regional district boards on the development of policy and program strategies designed to address needs and challenges in a variety of local government service areas. Service reviews and local government restructure studies are key areas of practice.

Allan Neilson

Neilson Strategies is headed by Allan Neilson, an advisor with 25 years’ experience in British Columbia’s local government system, both as a consultant and a senior manager.

Allan is a recognized authority on local government service design and delivery, as well as local governance and administration. He is a strong facilitator, regularly engaged by clients to guide strategic planning processes, to assist decision-makers in developing collaborative, inter-jurisdictional services, and to guide public processes. He is an excellent communicator, skilled in producing clear, comprehensive and insightful reports for a wide range of audiences. He regularly makes presentations to Councils, Boards and communities on service issues, local governance and local government restructure.

Allan works closely with decision-makers as a trusted advisor. He is valued for providing a fresh, progressive and independent perspective on issues, and for building creative approaches to local servicing challenges. His deep understanding of the local government system is evident in his recommendations, all of which are pragmatic and designed for implementation.

Allan began working as a consultant to government in 1992 after graduating with his Master of Public Administration from Queen’s University. From 1997 to 1999, and from 2014 to 2016, Allan worked inside local government as a senior manager. His most recent posting was at the Metro Vancouver Regional District where he served as General Manager of Planning, Policy and Environment.


In many cases, Neilson Strategies works as the sole consultant assigned to projects. Where beneficial, however, the firm brings together specialists from other companies to address the specific needs of different projects. The firm has developed long-term working relationships with land use planners, economists, civil engineers, community engagement specialists, municipal lawyers and other professionals.

We Have It Covered

We have had the pleasure of working with municipalities, regional districts, and other public service bodies throughout British Columbia. Our complete list of clients served includes jurisdictions of all sizes, from the City of Vancouver to the Village of Montrose. We have provided advice to two-thirds of the province’s regional districts, and have worked closely with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. The logos below identify some of the governments and agencies with whom we have worked over the years. Our full client list is available for download.

Local Governments We’ve Served

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Neilson Strategies works with local governments on solutions aimed at addressing their service, organizational, and policy challenges.