In many cases, Neilson Strategies works as the sole consultant assigned to projects. Where beneficial, however, the firm brings together specialists from other companies to address the specific needs of different projects. The firm has developed long-term working relationships with land use planners, economists, civil engineers, community engagement specialists, municipal lawyers and other professionals.


We have had the pleasure of working with municipalities, regional districts, and other public service bodies throughout British Columbia. Our complete list of clients served includes jurisdictions of all sizes, from the City of Vancouver to the Village of Montrose. We have provided advice to two-thirds of the province’s regional districts, and have worked closely with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. The logos below identify some of the governments and agencies with whom we have worked over the years. Our full client list is available for download.

Neilson Strategies works with local governments on solutions aimed at addressing their service, organizational, and policy challenges.