Electoral Area C (South Shuswap) Governance Study

The purpose of the study was threefold:

  • To document and assess the current state of local governance and service delivery
  • To understand the concerns and interests of Area C residents with respect to governance and service delivery
  • To identify future governance and service delivery options for the South Shuswap

The study was overseen, and our work was guided, by the Electoral Area C Governance Study Committee. This Committee was comprised of twelve Area C residents who, taken together, represented a cross-section of the broader South Shuswap community, and the various groups and organizations active within it.

The study included four Committee meetings, all of which were open to the public, and six public open houses which featured presentations of materials, and opportunities for residents to ask questions. Residents’ views and input were also collected through an online survey, which was available on the project’s website. The website served as a resource to help viewers learn about local governance and service delivery systems.

The Final Report presented an assessment of the findings from the public engagement efforts. Based on these findings, the Governance Study Committee recommended that a full restructure study for Electoral Area C be undertaken, and that the study examine two options:

  • The incorporation of a portion of the electoral area
  • The division of the current electoral area into two electoral areas

Neilson Strategies was retained in mid-2018 to identify specific boundaries for these options. A copy of the Electoral Area C (South Shuswap) Governance Study: Final Report can be downloaded here.