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Neilson Strategies works closely with local governments across British Columbia to address a variety of service, organizational and policy challenges. Our work extends across five main areas of practice: Service Reviews, Local Government Resructure, Strategic Planning and Facilitation, Organizational Design and Policy Analysis.

Service Reviews

Local governments in British Columbia that choose to collaborate with one another in the provision of a shared service must give careful thought to:

  • What the service will offer
  • How service decisions will be made, and by whom
  • How the service will be funded, and who will pay
  • How the service will be delivered

Neilson Strategies works with local governments to address these points, and to establish services that are both effective and resilient. The firm is also called upon regularly to conduct service reviews aimed at helping participating jurisdictions restructure existing shared services.


In response to changing local service needs, questions about governance, changes in local demographics, economic shifts, and other factors, a local government may wish to reconsider its existing legal structure or geographic boundary. In British Columbia, efforts to examine legal structures and boundaries are undertaken as Local Government Restructure Studies. Neilson Strategies has considerable experience working with local governments, citizen committees and the provincial government on such studies.

Columbia Shuswap
Regional District

In 2016-17, Neilson Strategies led a four-member project team to conduct a governance study for Electoral Area C — South Shuswap — in the Columbia Shuswap Regional District.

Strategic Planning
& Facilitation

Neilson Strategies regularly facilitates strategic planning sessions for municipal councils, regional district boards, and other public bodies involved in the provision of local services. The firm also facilitates community and stakeholder discussions on a range of policy, service and other issues that are important to community building.

Organizational Design

Neilson Strategies works with senior managers to critically assess organizational structures, regulatory and non-regulatory processes, and specific functions or areas of organizational activity. Client needs determine the focus of a specific assessment. Such needs may include a consideration of staffing levels, cost-recovery efforts, workplace efficiency, customer service, or other factors.

Policy Analysis

Issues arise regularly in all areas of local government service and policy. Neilson Strategies works with local decision-makers to assess and understand the issues, identify and evaluate optional courses of action, and present recommendations.

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Neilson Strategies works with local governments on solutions aimed at addressing their service, organizational, and policy challenges.